All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast
Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Melissa Guion

Melissa Guion, author of Baby Penguins Everywhere! and the all new Baby Penguins Love Their Mama!, talks about illustrating to scale, author/ilustrator hangouts in Brooklyn, and conecting with new readers during author visits.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Laurie Keller

We talk with Laurie Keller, author of The Scrambled States of America, Do Unto Otters, and the Arnie the Doughnut books, about what our food thinks about us, why it's all about hte details, and how it only takes one person to get behind your book.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Nick Bruel

We chat with Nick Bruel, author of Bad Kitty, about adapting a picture book into an early reader series, his time at Books of Wonder, and choice encounters with Shel Silverstein.

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Let's Get Busy with Unshelved creators Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes

We talk with Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes, creators of Unshelved, about life in the public library, their popular web comic, and why it's important to see the humor in every situation.

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Let's Get Busy teaching math with the Wii.

Meghan Hearn and I talk about engaging learners, gaming in the math classroom, and our new book, Teach Math with the Wii.

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Let's Get Busy with author M.D. Payne

We talk with M. D. Payne, author of the Monster Juice series, about tempering the gross-out factor, ghostwriting Goosebumps content, and how a well-placed fart can crack up the room.

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Let's Get Busy with graphic novelist Matt Phelan.

We talk with Matt Phelan, author of Bluffton, Around the World, and Storm in the Barn, about developing great graphic novels by starting with a well-written manuscript, re-imagining the story of Snow White, and Buster Keaton's role in the Golden Age of film.

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LGB with graphic novelist Ben Hatke.

We talk with Ben Hatke, author of Zita the Spacegirl and Legends of Zita the Spacegirl, about space adventures, developing storytelling skills from playing D&D, and cosplay through the eyes of the author.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Bob Shea.

We talk with Bob Shea, author of the best-selling Dinosaur Vs. series and the all new Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great, about writing from experience, finding new ways to approach material, and turning jellybeans into lovable characters.

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Let's Get Busy with author Colleen AF Venable

We talk with Colleen AF Venable, author of the Pet Shop Private Eye series from Graphic Universe and the Art & Design Editor at First Second, about creating webcomics, writing graphic novels, and letting your sense of humor shine thru your stories.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Greg Pizzoli

We talk with author illustrator Greg Pizzoli about the craft of screen printing, creating a memorable postcard, and the art of editing down your words.

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Let's Get Busy with graphic novelist Zack Giallongo.

We talk with Zack Giallongo, author of Broxo and the all new Ewoks: Shadows of Endor, about creating characters, his love of Elfquest, and his chance to write a story for his dream source material.

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Let's Get Busy talking crowdsourcing with IncitED.

We talk with Jaime Wood and Peter Lindberg of IncitED, the crowdfunding community for education, and their mission to change the world one classroom at a time.

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Let's Get Busy talking passion with Nick Provenzano.

Nick Provenzano, named the 2013 Teacher of the Year by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), stops by to talk about passion, 20-Time, and the Edubros.

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Let's Get Busy with author and illustrator Zachariah OHora.

We talk with Zachariah OHora, author of No Fits Nilson! and Stop Snoring, Bernard!, about throwing fits, collaborating with kid lit friends, and affirming kids as illustrators and authors.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Aaron Becker

We talk with Aaron Becker, author of Journey, his debut picture book about creating wordless picture books, what drew him to writing for children, and the endless worlds explored while creating his new book.

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Let's Get Busy with author Joanne Levy

We talk with Joanne Levy, author of Small Medium at Large, about writing for middle grade girls, helping authors get organized, and her thoughts on the supernatural.

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Let's Get Busy playing Evanced Games.

We talk with Lindsey Hill, Reading Engagement Innovator for Evanced Games about why kids are so good at video games and how being a teacher lends itself well to game design.

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Let's Get Busy with author Deborah Hopkinson

We talk with Deborah Hopkinson, author of Into the Firestorm and A Boy Called Dickens, about her brand new novel, The Great Trouble: a Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel.

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Let's Get Busy with author Laurel Snyder

We talk with Laurel Snyder, author of Bigger Than a Bread Box and Penny Dreadful, about growing up in Baltimore, writing books bound in wallpaper samples, and getting into research everyone can love.

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Let's Get Busy with author and illustrator Leeza Hernandez.

We talk with Leeza Hernandez, author/illustrator of Dog Gone! and illustrator of Eat Your Math Homework and the upcoming Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo, written by John Lithgow, about SCBWI, a life spent doodling, and creating illustrations for a high profile author.

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Let's Get Busy talking Genius Hour.

We talk with Chris Kesler and Suzanna Panter about Genius Hour, the incredible capactiy of kids, and rethinking the role of educators in the academic success and support of our students.

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Let's Get Busy with author Bridget Heos

We talk with Bridget Heos, author of Mustache Baby and Stronger than Steel, about her love of research, her work writing nonfiction series, and, of course, bad guy mustaches.

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Let's Get Busy talking One Book, One School

We talk with Kathy Burnette, middle school teacher librarian of Penn-Harris-Madison Schools in Indiana, about serving on state and national reading committees, building discernment as a reader, and coordinating a One Book, One School program.

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Let's Get Busy with author Adam Lehrhaupt

We talk with Adam Lehrhaupt, author of Warning: Do Not Open This Book, about monkeys, traveling the world with David Copperfield, and his debut picture book.

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Let's Get Busy with author Dave Roman

We talk with Dave Roman, author of Teen Boat! and Astronaut Academy, about growing up with comics, his work as a cartoonist, and the Kids' Comics Revolution.

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Let's Get Busy with author Ame Dyckman

We talk with Ame Dyckman, author of Boy + Bot and the upcoming Tea Party Rules, about friendship stories, honing your picture book writing skills, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and everything in between.

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Let's Get Busy with author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

We talk with Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, author of Hampire, Chicks Run WIld, and Pirate Princess, about picture books, nerdy chicks, and elevating children through compelling stories and complex characters.

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Let's Get Busy talking International Dot Day

We talk with Shannon Miller, Teacher Librarian and Technology integrationist in Van Meter, Iowa about International Dot Day, building meaningful connections on Skype, making your mark, and seeing where it takes you.

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Let's Get Busy talking Graphic Novels

We talk with Rebecca Oxley, TL and Tech teacher in Prince George's County Public Schools, Maryland, and resident graphic novel expert about graphic novels, how they work, why they're loved, and what must-read titles schools shouldn't pass up.

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Let's Get Busy attending ISTE and ALA

We talk with Sherry Gick, teacher librarian in Rossville, Indiana and author of the Library Fanatic blog, about her visits to the ISTE conference in San Antonio, ALA Annual in Chicago, and everything in between.

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