All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast
Let's Get Busy with author Colleen AF Venable

We talk with Colleen AF Venable, author of the Pet Shop Private Eye series from Graphic Universe and the Art & Design Editor at First Second, about creating webcomics, writing graphic novels, and letting your sense of humor shine thru your stories.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Greg Pizzoli

We talk with author illustrator Greg Pizzoli about the craft of screen printing, creating a memorable postcard, and the art of editing down your words.

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Let's Get Busy with graphic novelist Zack Giallongo.

We talk with Zack Giallongo, author of Broxo and the all new Ewoks: Shadows of Endor, about creating characters, his love of Elfquest, and his chance to write a story for his dream source material.

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Let's Get Busy talking crowdsourcing with IncitED.

We talk with Jaime Wood and Peter Lindberg of IncitED, the crowdfunding community for education, and their mission to change the world one classroom at a time.

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Let's Get Busy talking passion with Nick Provenzano.

Nick Provenzano, named the 2013 Teacher of the Year by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), stops by to talk about passion, 20-Time, and the Edubros.

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Let's Get Busy with author and illustrator Zachariah OHora.

We talk with Zachariah OHora, author of No Fits Nilson! and Stop Snoring, Bernard!, about throwing fits, collaborating with kid lit friends, and affirming kids as illustrators and authors.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Aaron Becker

We talk with Aaron Becker, author of Journey, his debut picture book about creating wordless picture books, what drew him to writing for children, and the endless worlds explored while creating his new book.

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