All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast
Katherine Roy

Katherine Roy (@KRoyStudio), author and illustrator of Neighborhood Sharks (@MacKidsBooks), stops by to talk about being careful about the "edge of your knowledge", being a storyteller in order to engage readers more deeply in nonfiction content, and being all sorts of other things when in a small boat surrounded by the world's deadliest killers.

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The Best Book Ever [this week] - December 28, 2014

Five books reviewed in five minutes. 

- The Memory of an Elephant: an Unforgettable Journey by Sophie Strady, illustrated by Jean-Francois Martin

A Good Home for Max by Junzo Terada

How to Bake a Book by Ella Burfoot

Letters of the West: an ABC Book of the Many Plants, Animals, and Other Curious Features of the West by Michelle E. Walch & John Maddin, illustrated by John Maddin

Tracks Count: a Guide to Counting Animal Prints by Steve Engel, illustrated by Alexander Peterson

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Laura Gehl

Laura Gehl, author of One Big Pair of Underwear (@SimonKIDS), stops by to talk about writing for the "n minus 1" math concept, noticing a lack of good Jewish books in children's literature, and the serendipitous timing of vacationing and selling books.

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Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Rebecca Kai Dotlich (@RebeccaKai), author of All Aboard! (@AAKnopf) and What Can a Crane Pick Up?, stops by to talk about rythmic, poetic text, crafting a story's journey from here to there with memorable stops along the way, and helping students to stay curious and wondering through the books they pick up.

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Raul the Third

Raul Gonzalez III (@Raulthe3rd), illustrator of Lowriders in Space (@ChronicleKids), stops by to talk about chap books, what he picked up as a child from looking at fan art in Lowriders magazine, and creating art with tools that might be the only art material certain kids have access to.

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Kristin Levine

Kristin Levine (@KristinSLevine), author of The Paper Cowboy (@PenguinRandom), The Lions of Little Rock, and The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had, stops by to talk about being a good revisor, owning that many of us are/were actually bullies, and entering the scene as late as possible so you can get close to the action.

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Gregg Schigiel

Gregg Schigiel (@GreggSchigiel), author of PIX and the pen behind some of your favorite Spongebob Comics, stops by to talk about podcasting with his favorite comics heroes and superpals, how early comic favorites can inform the story you want to tell as a cartoonist, and addressing grown-up backwash.

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Lori Alexander

Lori Alexander(@LoriJAlexander), author of the Backhoe Joe (@HarperChildrens), stops by to talk about her debut picture book, the importance of reading everything on the market, playing a role in a school's weeklong celebration of reading.

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Sarah Mlynowski

Sarah Mlynowski (@SarahMlynowski), author of the Whatever After series (@Scholastic), stops by to talk about changing fairy tales and watching how they play out, her love of the marketing side of being an author, and being a mom on tour.

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Carter Higgins

Carter Higgins (@CarterHiggins), author of the Design of the Picture Book blog and Everything You Need for a Tree House (@ChronicleKids, 2016), joins me and Kelly Light (@KellyLight), author illustrator of Louise Loves Art, to talk about some stand-out books of 2014.

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Aimee Winner

On this BONUS episode of Let's Get Busy, Aimee Winner (@AimeeLWinner), Matthew's wife, makes a guest appearance to share her perspective on the podcast, talk about our son's bedtime routine, and, in her opinion, what kind of books make for the best bedtime read alouds. 

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David Small

David Small, Caldecott-winning illustrator of Judith St. George's So You Want to be President? and artist behind dozens of beloved picture books, stops by to talk about how "success is a bit of a catastrophe for everyone", how drawing led to remembering his childhood which led to creating Stitches, his graphic novel memoir, and Hallie Durand's Catch That Cookie (@PenguinKids), his latest work of illustration.

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Author Podcast Lunch Bunch at McSpedden Elementary

Nancy Jo Lambert (@NancyJoLambert), teacher librarian at McSpedden Elementary School in Frisco, TX, stops by to talk about her hugely successful author podcast lunch bunches held with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. She also brings with her a set of questions from her students who want to know how and why I started the podcast, how I book guests for the show, and what inspires me.

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Lauren Castillo

Lauren Castillo (@StudioCastillo), author and illustrator of The Troublemaker and Nana in the City (@HMHKids), stops by to talk about how the illustrating process changes when you're painting your own story, having her art on display at the Society of Illustrators Original Art show, and breaking down the manuscript into spreads and watching the words disappear.

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Gareth Hinds

Gareth Hinds (@GarethHinds),creator of graphic novel adaptations of literary classics, including Beowulf, The Odyssey, and Romeo and Juliet, stops by to talk about Macbeth, his newest graphic novel wihich will be released in early 2015 through Candlewick Press (@Candlewick), as well as the the difficult task of abridging literary mainstays, maintaining a painterly sensibility, and taking on The Illiad.

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Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell (@ScottLava), author illustrator of Hug Machine (@SimonKIDS) and illustrator of East Dragon, West Dragon, Zombie in Love, and If Dogs Run Free, stops by to talk about writing stories with honest voice and sincerity, engaging, how his work in video games helped accustomize him to making frequent and numerous edits, and the many, many things game designers and the kidlit community have in common.

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Eric Orchard

Eric Orchard (@InkyBat), author illustrator of Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch (@TopShelfComix), stops by to talk about years spent getting to know your characters, expanding Maddy from a mini-comic to a graphic novel series, and the many ways failure can be interesting.

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Ruth Chan

Ruth Chan (@ohtruth), author illustrator of Where's the Party? (@MacKidsBooks, Spring 2016), stops by to talk about her portraits of the unsure, SCBWI's portfolio showcase, and teaching herself how to draw.

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Cathy Camper

Cathy Camper (@cfastwolf), author of Lowriders in Space (@ChronicleKids), stops by to talk about Pitchapalooza, our growing population of Spanish-speaking citizens, and addressing the need for all children to see a representation of themselves in the books they read. 

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Tara Lazar

Tara Lazar (@taralazar), author of The Monstore(@SimonKids) and founder of Picture Book Idea Month (#PiBoIdMo), stops by to talk about  all of the amazing features of this year's PiBoIdMo celebration, the great things that can happen when you focus on capturing picture book ideas over the course of 30 days, and how all you have to do is create just one great idea.

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Susan Stockdale

Susan Stockdale, author and illustrator of Stripes of All TypesFabulous Fishes, and Bring on the Birds (@PeachtreePub), stops by to talk about her background in textile design, muscular verbs, and having a book selected for the PA One Book. 

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Isabel Roxas

Isabel Roxas (@StudioRoxas), illustrator of the The Case of the Missing Donut (@PenguinKids), stops by to talk about Nordic murder mysteries, illustrating the found works of Margaret Wise Brown, and growing up in the Phillipines. 

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Frank Cammuso

Frank Cammuso (@FrankCamusso), author of the Salem Hyde graphic novel series (@abramskids), stops by to talk about writing political cartoons, creating comics for both kids and parents, and, of course, more dodgeball!

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KA Holt

KA Holt (@karianneholt), author of Rhyme Schemer (@ChronicleKids), stops by to talk about found poems, how free verse is like a reduction sauce, and writing poetry without consciously writing poetry.

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Eugene Yelchin

Eugene Yelchin (@EYelchin), author of Arcady's Goal (@HenryHolt), stops by to talk about his father's reliance on soccer as a survival tool while under Soviet terror, a main characters who refuses to change while he's being written, and the process of making sense of what you inherited.


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Deb Pilutti

Deb Pilutti (@dpilutti), author of Ten Rules of Being a Superhero (@HenryHolt), stops by to talk about designing toys for young kids, how an idea about super worms became a book about superheros, and the never overstated importance of play.

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Dan Yaccarino

Dan Yaccarino (@DanYaccarino1), author of Zorgoochi Intergalactic Pizza: Delivery of Doom (@FeiwelFriends/@MacKidsBooks), stops by to talk about a pizza chain that's been delivering for hundreds of years, what we experience online as well as in the real world, and putting together a team and being the least talented person in the room.

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Connah Brecon

Connah Brecon (@ConnahBrecon), author of Frank! (@RP_Kids)stops by to talk about spotting wonder and intrigue in everyday moments, the formula for writing books (and how there is no formula), and the big and small stories on which our world is built.

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Molly Idle

Molly Idle (@MollyIdle), author of Flora and the Penguin (@ChronicleKids), sequel to Flora and the Flamingo, a Caldecott honor book, stops by to talk about choreographing a wordless picture book, exploring emotional closeness between her characters, and the joy of intermediate impossibles.

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Chris Haughton


Chris Haughton (@chrishaughton), author of Shh! We Have a Plan! (@Candlewick), Oh No, George!, and Little Owl Lost, stops by to talk about his recognizable style, transitioning from digital art to more traditional collage. and his work on Hat Monkey, an all new app for young children.

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Aaron Reynolds

Aaron Reynolds (@areynoldsbooks), author of Here Comes Destructosaurus! (@ChronicleKids), Creepy Carrots, Carnivores, and many others, stops by to talk about starting out on the stage, parenting as a monster, and what winning a Caldecott honor means for an author.

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James Burks

James Burks (@JamesBurksArt), author illustrator of Bird and Squirrel on Ice (@GraphixBooks) book 2 in the Bird and Squirrel graphic novel series, stops by to talk about his path from ComicCon to kidlit, the effect of an animation background on visual storytelling, and creating characters who emote from the page.


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Mac Barnett

Mac Barnett (@MacBarnett), author of Telephone (@ChronicleKids) and other bestsellers including Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale ProblemOh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World), Extra YarnBattle Bunny, and the Brixton Brothers series, stops by to talk about how picture book writing is like playwriting, his time on the TEDx stage, and how his time as a summer camp counselor to a group of 4-yr-olds informed his skill at storytelling.

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Edith Cohn

Edith Cohn (@EdithCohn), author of Spirit's Key (@MacKidsBooks), stops by to talk about her debut middle grade novel, the stories items hold, and becoming a more confident revisor.

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Kelly Light

Kelly Light (@KellyLight), author of Louise Loves Art (@BalzerandBray), stops by to talk about her outstanding picture book debut, spotting a cartoonist by their style, and always signing your artwork.

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Drew Daywalt

Drew Daywalt (@DrewDaywalt), author of The Day the Crayons Quit (@PenguinKids), stops by to talk about encouragement from Jack Gantos, the relationship between hope and fear, and giving voice to found objects.

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Jenny Lussier

Jenny Lussier (@jluss), elementary school teacher librarian in CT, stops by to talk about amazing experiences you can share with students via Skype, celebrating worldwide literacy holidays, and staying student-centered at all costs. 

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Nancy Jo Lambert

Nancy Jo Lambert (@NancyJoLambert), teacher librarian at McSpedden Elementary in Frisco, TX, stops by to talk about opening a new school a school library, aligning the heart of the library with the mission of the school, and being at the table when it comes to opportunities to advocate for the library media program.

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Mike Curato

Mike Curato (@MikeCurato), author of Little Elliot Big City (@HenryHolt), stops by to talk about his long journey alongside his main character, a glimpse behind a successful book tour, and a big win at the SCBWI Winter Conference.

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Rilla Alexander (@ByRilla), author of The Best Book in the World (@FlyingEyeBooks), stops by to talk about a life of writing stories, seeing herself in Sozi, and creating a meditation on literacy by way of her love letter to books.

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Aaron Becker RETURNS!

Aaron Becker (@storybreathing), author of Quest (@Candlewick), the sequel to Journey, a 2014 Caldecott Honor book, stops by to talk about the mythos within the world of Journey and Quest, the ripples made in the publishing world with his debut picture book, and where this journey will take him for the trilogy's conclusion.

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Sophie Maletsky

Sophie Maletsky (@Soph_World), author of Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects (@ZestBooks), stops by to talk about crafting awesome things from duct tape, finding inspiration from every kid you work with, and how making things easy-to-follow is a very complex and drawn out process.

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Lizi Boyd

Lizi Boyd, author of Flashlight (@ChronicleKids) and Inside Outside, stops by to talk about wordless storytelling, coexisting with nature, and leaving things for the reader to discover.

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Kathryn White

Kathryn White (@kathryniwhite), author of Ruby's Baby Brother (@BarefootBooks) and When Will It Snow?, stops by to talk about imaginative play, the importance of rhyme and predictable text for young readers, and hidden details snuck in by illustrators.

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Wild Things! Let's Get Busy with Betsy Bird and Julie Danielson

Betsy Bird (@FuseEight) and Julie Danielson (@SevenImp), authors of Wild Things: Acts of Mischief in Children's Literature (@Candlewick), stop by to talk about subversion in children's literature, the late Peter D. Sieruta's irreplaceable contributions to the field, some memorable highlights from the cutting room floor.

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Let's Get Busy with author Audrey Vernick

Audrey Vernick (@yourbuffalo), author of So You Want to be a Rock Star (@BIGPictureBooks), Brothers at Bat, and Screaming at the Ump (@HMHCo), stops by to talk about writing critique partners who are magic, the good stuff in manuscripts that sometimes gets cut, and getting the facts just right.

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Let's Open an Independent Bookstore!

Beth Panageotou (@epan11), founder of Page's Corner and co-founder of the #virtualbookclub (@vbcbooks), stops by to talk about GreenRow Books (@GreenRowBooks), independent bookstores, and building community around a common story.

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Let's Get Busy with teacher librarian Sherry Gick

Sherry Gick (@LibraryFanatic), teacher librarian in Rossville, IN and author of the Library Fanatic blog, stops by to talk about educational soulmates, building collaborative partnerships within the school building, and adopting a willingness to fail.

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Let's Get Busy with the authors behind Simply Messing About

Simply Messing About (@SimplyMessAbout) is a blog about the creative process of making picture books. The creative minds behind Simply Messing About, picture book author illustrators Renee Kurilla (@ReneeKurilla), Tracy Bishop (@TracyBishopArt), Christina Forshay (@ChristinaForshay), and Laura Zarrin (@LauraZarrin) stop by to talk about sketchbooks, Tracy's pen collection, and helping other artists and people in the kidlit community along the path of creating art for children's literature.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Scott Magoon

Scott Magoon (@smagoon), author illustrator of Breath (@SimonKids) and illustrator of The Nuts: Bedtime at the Nuthouse (@lbkids), written by Eric Litwin (Pete the Cat), stops by to talk about the work of an art director, creating digital art with kids, and crafting a quiet story.

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Let's Get Busy with author Bethany Hegedus

Bethany Hegadus (@BethanyHegedus), co-author of Grandfather Gandhi (@SimonKids), stops by to talk about not being afraid, building a community from a couple of acres and a barn, and the cornerstones of a nonviolent life.

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Let's Get Busy Podcast - Sudipta RETURNS!

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (@SudiptaBQ), author of Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! (@AbramsKids) returns to talk about offering your school visit audience something more than your books, the habit of safety nets of getting in the way, and helping empower kids to write.

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Let's Get Busy with graphic novelist Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale (@MrNathanHale), creator of the Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales series (@AbramsChronicle), stops by to talk about starting with a manuscript, fact-checking for historical accuracy, and comedy on the page turns.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Mike Boldt

Mike Boldt (@MikeBoldt), author of 123 Versus ABC (@HarperChildrens), stops by to talk about starting with scribbles, reillustrating childrens books, and Canada's beloved kidlit treasure (and ours), Mr. Robert Muncsh.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Arree Chung

Arree Chung (@ArreeChung), author of Ninja! (@HenryHolt), stops by to talk about working for Pixar, becoming a ninja, and the support of friends in making ideas come to life.

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Let's Get Busy with author Jonathan Auxier

Jonathan Auxier (@JonathanAuxier), author of The Night Gardener (Henry N. Abrams) and Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes (Amulet Books), stops by to talk about conquering your own fears through your characters, crazy dares over Skype, and his tell-all "After the Book Deal" blog series.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Brian Won

Brian Won (@bwon1), author and illustrator of Hooray for Hat! (A@HMHKids), stops by to talk about paying it forward, his work as a motion graphics designer, and taking inspiration from his kid.

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Let's Get Busy with illustrator Evan Turk

Evan Turk (@EvanTurkArt), illustrator of Grandfather Gandhi (Atheneum Books for Young Readers), stops by to talk about his time at Parsons School of Design, A Thousand and One Nights, and how his world experiences have informed his voice as a storyteller.

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Let's Get Busy with author Chris Grabenstein

Chris Grabenstein (@CGrabenstein), author of I Funny, Treasure Hunters, and Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, stops by to talk about tackling work through games, coauthoring books with James Patterson (@JP_Books), and the excitement of discovering great children's literature as an adult.

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Let's Get Busy with illustrator Renee Kurilla

Renee Kurilla (@ReneeKurilla), illustrator of the Zebrafish graphic novels (@FableVision) and a number of picture books and series, stops by to talk about working at Fablevision, being part of the #KidLitArt community, and the value of sharing your sketchbook with the world.

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Let's Get Busy with author Megan Jean Sovern.

Megan Jean Sovern (@MeganJeanSovern), author of The Meaning of Maggie (@ChronicleKids), stops by to talk about getting to know your characters, her past life as an advertising copyrighter, and how writing can sometimes feel like cheating.

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Let's Get Busy with author Tammi Sauer

Tammi Sauer (@SauerTammi), author of Nugget & FangPrincess in Training, and Me Want Pet, stops by to talk about the "yes" feeling, the value of critque groups, and leaving room for the illustrator.

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Let's Get Busy with Wandoo Planet


Lindsey Hill stops by to talk about Wandoo Planet (@WandooPlanet), the world's first kid-powered interest genome. Evanced Games is on a mission with Wandoo Planet to banish boredom, connect kids with their interests, help readers discover new book loves, and support teachers in the process.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Matt Faulkner

Matt Faulkner, picture book author and illustrator and author of the all new graphic novel Gaijin: American Prisoner of War (Disney Hyperion), stops by to talk about confronting prejudice through the graphic novel format, learning from history, and, as Matt would say, using art as an anchor and as your wings.

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Let's Get Busy with author Kami Kinard

Kami Kinard, author of The Boy Problem (Scholastic Press), talks about wasting no time to write, storytelling through charts, graphs, and doodles, and why nerdy chicks rule.

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Children's Literary Salon at NYPL

The Children's Literary Salon - Podcasting Children's Books: Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs

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Let's Get Busy with author Seymour Simon

Seymour Simon, author of nearly 300 books for children, talks about writing photo essays, StarWalk KidsMedia, and his journey from membership in the Jr. Astronomy Club to beloved science teacher to award-winning author.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Lori Nichols

Lori Nichols, author of Maple, stops by to talk about reverence in nature, growing a book from a seed, and earning recognition from SCBWI for her portfolio showcase at the 2012, 2013, and 2014 SCBWI Winter Conference. 

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Let's Get Busy promo
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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Steve Light

Steve Light, author of Have You Seen My Dragon?Zephyr Takes Flight, and Trucks Go, stops by to talk about eye-catching line work, working with preschoolers, and taking field trips to an artist's studio.

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Let's Get Busy with artist Stephen Powers

Stephen Powers, artist and author of A Love Letter to the City, stops by to talk about using words and paint to reach people and sharing his art with cities around the world.

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Let's get Busy with author illustrator AJ Smith

AJ Smith, author of Even Monsters..., stops by to talk about his debut picture book, building a successful marketing campaign, and his life as an animator.

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Path to Peace (Books of Wonder panel)

On Friday, March 21 2014, Books of Wonder celebrated the memory of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi and American Civil Rights leader Malcolm X as they welcomed the creators of two new picture book biographies. Author Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, presented her new biographical picture book about her father's childhood, entitled Malcolm Little: The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcolm X, offering a unique glimpse into the childhood of this charismatic leader and chronicling his journey to strength and self-reliance. Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, along with co-author Bethany Hegedus and illustrator Evan Turk, presented Grandfather Gandhi, a new nonfiction picture book which tells Arun Gandhi's remarkably personal story of how his grandfather taught him to channel his anger in a constructive way, using it to "turn the darkness into light."


I was invited to moderate the evening panel and was given permission to record the event and share with you all here. Enjoy.

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Let's Get Busy with author Marc Tyler Nobleman

Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of Boys of Steel and Bill: the Boy Wonder, stops by to talk about crafting storyographies, the research behind his "Girl in the Video" series, the value of reading comics, and what you discover when you ask authors to read online reviews of their own books.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Dan Santat

Dan Santat, reknowned picture book illustrator and author of Sidekicks and the upcoming Beekle, the upcoming picture book about a yet-to-be-imagined friend and his adventures to find his paired human child, talks about meeting Dav Pilkey, contributing to Comics Squad: Recess, and finding time to craft his own stories.

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Let's Get Busy with author Tom Angleberger

Tom Angleberger, author of Crankee DoodleFake Mustache, and the best-selling Origami Yoda series, stops by to talk about a legion of superfolders, his relationship to his constant collaborator, and connecting with kids first.

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Let's Get Busy with cartoonist Raina Telgemeier

Raina Telgemeier, author of Smile, Drama, and the upcoming Sisters, stops by to talk about her process writing comics, contributing to the upcoming Comics Squad: Recess anthology, and school memories of rainy day monitoring.

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Let's Get Busy with author Katrina Moore

Katrina Moore, author of So Long, Gnop-Jiye, stops by to talk about her mother's immigration from China, helping students realize that they, too, have a story to tell, and nontraditional publishing.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Elizabeth Rose Stanton, author of Henny, stops by to talk about procrastidoodling, envisioning the day-to-day of your characters, and planning a memorable book release party. 

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Aaron Zenz

Aazon Zenz, author of Hiccupotamus, Chuckling Ducklings, and illustrator of the all new Orangutangled, stops by to talk about rhyming and word play, raising a house of readers, and Bookie Woogie, the amazing blog where Aaron's kids take center stage to celebrate literacty and creativity.

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Allstar Kidlit Kickball Teammate

I'm assembling an Allstar Kidlit Dreamteam Kickball Tournament and I'd like to know who you want on your team. 

It's your turn to share! So, who's it going to be?

Visit and share your allstar kidlit teammate in the episode comments.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Deborah Freedman

Deborah Freedman, author of Scribble, Blue Chicken, and The Story of Fish and Snail, stops by to talk about taking inspiration from William Carlos Williams' poem, "The Red Wheelbarrow", her journey from architect to picture book author, and squirting ketchup on her sister's head.

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Let's Get Busy with author illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka

We talk with Jarrett J. Krosoczka (@StudioJJK), author of Punk Farm, the Platypus Police Squad, and the hugely popular Lunch Lady graphic novel series, stops by to talk about building a successful virtual author visit program, speaking on the TEDx stage, and how two words can change the life of a child who dreams of creating stories as a career.

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Let's Get Busy with author Charise Mericle Harper

We talk with Charise Mericle Harper (@ChariseHarper), author of many popular series for kids including Fashion Kitty, Just Grace, and Wedgieman, about story ideas like stars, making comics, and a defining trait she shares with the protagonist of her forthcoming middle grade novel, Dreamer Wisher Liar.

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Let's Get Busy with Jennifer LaGarde

Jennifer LaGarde, Library Journal Mover & Shaker, Educator on Loan for the state of North Carolina, and author of the Adventures of Library Girl blog, stops by to talk about meaningful failure, leading from the library, and defending the role of Teacher Librarians from a zombie takeover.

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