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Aimee Winner

On this BONUS episode of Let's Get Busy, Aimee Winner (@AimeeLWinner), Matthew's wife, makes a guest appearance to share her perspective on the podcast, talk about our son's bedtime routine, and, in her opinion, what kind of books make for the best bedtime read alouds. 

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David Small

David Small, Caldecott-winning illustrator of Judith St. George's So You Want to be President? and artist behind dozens of beloved picture books, stops by to talk about how "success is a bit of a catastrophe for everyone", how drawing led to remembering his childhood which led to creating Stitches, his graphic novel memoir, and Hallie Durand's Catch That Cookie (@PenguinKids), his latest work of illustration.

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Author Podcast Lunch Bunch at McSpedden Elementary

Nancy Jo Lambert (@NancyJoLambert), teacher librarian at McSpedden Elementary School in Frisco, TX, stops by to talk about her hugely successful author podcast lunch bunches held with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. She also brings with her a set of questions from her students who want to know how and why I started the podcast, how I book guests for the show, and what inspires me.

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Lauren Castillo

Lauren Castillo (@StudioCastillo), author and illustrator of The Troublemaker and Nana in the City (@HMHKids), stops by to talk about how the illustrating process changes when you're painting your own story, having her art on display at the Society of Illustrators Original Art show, and breaking down the manuscript into spreads and watching the words disappear.

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Gareth Hinds

Gareth Hinds (@GarethHinds),creator of graphic novel adaptations of literary classics, including Beowulf, The Odyssey, and Romeo and Juliet, stops by to talk about Macbeth, his newest graphic novel wihich will be released in early 2015 through Candlewick Press (@Candlewick), as well as the the difficult task of abridging literary mainstays, maintaining a painterly sensibility, and taking on The Illiad.

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Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell (@ScottLava), author illustrator of Hug Machine (@SimonKIDS) and illustrator of East Dragon, West Dragon, Zombie in Love, and If Dogs Run Free, stops by to talk about writing stories with honest voice and sincerity, engaging, how his work in video games helped accustomize him to making frequent and numerous edits, and the many, many things game designers and the kidlit community have in common.

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Eric Orchard

Eric Orchard (@InkyBat), author illustrator of Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch (@TopShelfComix), stops by to talk about years spent getting to know your characters, expanding Maddy from a mini-comic to a graphic novel series, and the many ways failure can be interesting.

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Ruth Chan

Ruth Chan (@ohtruth), author illustrator of Where's the Party? (@MacKidsBooks, Spring 2016), stops by to talk about her portraits of the unsure, SCBWI's portfolio showcase, and teaching herself how to draw.

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Cathy Camper

Cathy Camper (@cfastwolf), author of Lowriders in Space (@ChronicleKids), stops by to talk about Pitchapalooza, our growing population of Spanish-speaking citizens, and addressing the need for all children to see a representation of themselves in the books they read. 

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