All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast
Katherine Roy

Katherine Roy (@KRoyStudio), author and illustrator of Neighborhood Sharks (@MacKidsBooks), stops by to talk about being careful about the "edge of your knowledge", being a storyteller in order to engage readers more deeply in nonfiction content, and being all sorts of other things when in a small boat surrounded by the world's deadliest killers.

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The Best Book Ever [this week] - December 28, 2014

Five books reviewed in five minutes. 

- The Memory of an Elephant: an Unforgettable Journey by Sophie Strady, illustrated by Jean-Francois Martin

A Good Home for Max by Junzo Terada

How to Bake a Book by Ella Burfoot

Letters of the West: an ABC Book of the Many Plants, Animals, and Other Curious Features of the West by Michelle E. Walch & John Maddin, illustrated by John Maddin

Tracks Count: a Guide to Counting Animal Prints by Steve Engel, illustrated by Alexander Peterson

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Laura Gehl

Laura Gehl, author of One Big Pair of Underwear (@SimonKIDS), stops by to talk about writing for the "n minus 1" math concept, noticing a lack of good Jewish books in children's literature, and the serendipitous timing of vacationing and selling books.

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Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Rebecca Kai Dotlich (@RebeccaKai), author of All Aboard! (@AAKnopf) and What Can a Crane Pick Up?, stops by to talk about rythmic, poetic text, crafting a story's journey from here to there with memorable stops along the way, and helping students to stay curious and wondering through the books they pick up.

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Raul the Third

Raul Gonzalez III (@Raulthe3rd), illustrator of Lowriders in Space (@ChronicleKids), stops by to talk about chap books, what he picked up as a child from looking at fan art in Lowriders magazine, and creating art with tools that might be the only art material certain kids have access to.

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Kristin Levine

Kristin Levine (@KristinSLevine), author of The Paper Cowboy (@PenguinRandom), The Lions of Little Rock, and The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had, stops by to talk about being a good revisor, owning that many of us are/were actually bullies, and entering the scene as late as possible so you can get close to the action.

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Gregg Schigiel

Gregg Schigiel (@GreggSchigiel), author of PIX and the pen behind some of your favorite Spongebob Comics, stops by to talk about podcasting with his favorite comics heroes and superpals, how early comic favorites can inform the story you want to tell as a cartoonist, and addressing grown-up backwash.

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Lori Alexander

Lori Alexander(@LoriJAlexander), author of the Backhoe Joe (@HarperChildrens), stops by to talk about her debut picture book, the importance of reading everything on the market, playing a role in a school's weeklong celebration of reading.

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Sarah Mlynowski

Sarah Mlynowski (@SarahMlynowski), author of the Whatever After series (@Scholastic), stops by to talk about changing fairy tales and watching how they play out, her love of the marketing side of being an author, and being a mom on tour.

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Carter Higgins

Carter Higgins (@CarterHiggins), author of the Design of the Picture Book blog and Everything You Need for a Tree House (@ChronicleKids, 2016), joins me and Kelly Light (@KellyLight), author illustrator of Louise Loves Art, to talk about some stand-out books of 2014.

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