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Best Books Ever (Summer 2015)

Cynthia Alaniz (@utalaniz) joins me to talk about our favorite books of 2015 so far in this all new segment of the Let's Get Busy podcast.

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Gwendal Le Bec

Gewndal Le Bec, illustrator and author most recently of Danny, published by Flying Eye Books (@FlyingEyeBooks), stops by to talk about the collaborative process of writing a book with his brother, writing in French with a lisp, and how the crocodile in Danny didn't mean to eat the dentist.

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Kidlit.TV with Julie Gribble and Rocco Staino

Julie Gribble (@JulieGribbleNYC) and Rocco Staino (@RoccoA), founders of Kidlit.TV (@nymediaworks), stop by to talk about the journey so far of their online resource to children's literatures, developing a show in the vein of Inside the Actor's Studio meets The Tonight Show, and picking up dance moves from Tim Federle.


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Rafael Rosado and Jorge Aguirre

Rafael Rosado (@rafael_rosado1) and Jorge Aguirre (@jorgeagu), creators of Dragons Beware!, published by First Second (@01FirstSecond), stop by to talk about building a graphic novel with the start of a paragraph, the miusplaced confidence of their lead character, and how during the creative process it's sometimes best to admit, "we're not thinking about the audience".


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The Best Book Ever [this week] - June 21, 2015

Five books reviewed in five minutes.

Monty's Magnificent Mane by Gemma O'Neill

So Cozy by Lerryn Korda

Hippos are Huge! by Jonathan London; illustrated by Matthew Trueman

Danny by Yann & Gwendal Le Bec

Yard Sale by Eve Bunting; illustrated by Lauren Castillo

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Paul Volponi

Paul Volponi, author most recently of Game Seven, published by Viking (@VikingChildrens), stops by to talk about teaching incarcerated youth on Rikers Island, faking it by listening, and El Fuego, the greatest Cuban baseball player of all time.

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Cale Atkinson

Cale Atkinson (@2dCale), author illustrator of To The Sea, published by Disney Hyperion (DisneyHyperion), stops by to talk about big and chunky and strange and overcomplicated manuscripts, what it means to be seen by another, and a subtle detail in his debut picture book reflected in the eyes.

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The Best Book Ever [this week] - June 14, 2015

Five (plus) books reviewed in five (plus) minutes.

- Ruffer's Birthday Party by Soon-jae Shin; illustrated by Min-jung Kim

A Day at Grandma's by Mi-ae Lee; illustrated by Yang-sook Choi

"Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?" by Hee-jung Chang; illustrated by Sung-hwa Chung

The Flying Birds by Eun-sun Han; illustrated by Ju-kyoung Kim

Math at the Art Museum by Group Majoongmul; illustrated by Yun-ju Kim

Who Eats First? by Ae-hae Yoon; illustrated by Hae-won Yang

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Julie Paschkis

Julie Paschkis (@jpaschkis), author illustrator of P. Zonka Lays an Egg, published by Peachtree Publishers (@PeachtreePub), stops by to talk about her sister's egg decorating party, the imprint a special library bag made on her as a young reader, and feeding the creativity in every way possible.

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Ovi Nedelcu

Ovi Nedelcu (@OviOvined), author illustrator of Just Like Daddy, published by POW! Kids Books (@POWkidsbooks), stops by to talk about being a visual storyteller, giving yourself permission to not be in love with the dialogue, and losing arts supplies to the dog and kids.

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Steven Malk

Steven Malk (@StevenMalk), literary agent at Writers House, stops by to talk about the way every single decision an author makes has a large or small impact on a career, how his clients all believe making a picture book is *the best* thing in the world, and the reverential feeling he experienced meeting authors at his parent's bookstore when he was young.

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Maripat Perkins

Maripat Perkins (@MaripatPerkins), author of Rodeo Red (@PeachtreePub), illustrated by Molly Idle (@MollyIdle), stops by to talk about writing "sturdy" girls, respecting the boundaries of your siblings, and reading Chinese folktales in a Western accent.

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Leslie Bulion

Leslie Bulion (@LeslieBulion), author of Random Body Parts: Gross Anatomy Riddles in Verse (@PeachtreePub), illustrated by Mike Lowery, stops by to talk about the rhythmic language of science, double dactyls, and determining what is the most obvious for of poetry for each part of the body.

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