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Steve Malk (@stevenmalk), literary agent at Writers House, returns to the podcast to talk about connections on a deeper level, the surreal feeling of seeing books on a bookstore shelf that you helped get published, and 20 years of representing talented folks working in children's literature.


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Grace Lin (@pacylin), author of Ling & Ting: Together in All Weather, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and Dim Sum for Everyone, stops by the podcast to talk about seeing herself in books, sharing stories from her childhood, and the final book in her outstanding easy reader series.


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David Fulk (@DavidFulkWrites), author of Raising Rufus, stops by the podcast to talk about discovering your inner hero, exploring in the woods, and planners and pantsers.

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Adam Lehrhaupt (@Lehrhaupt) and Matthew Forsythe (@mattforsythe), author and illustrator respectively behind Please, Open This Book!, stop by the podcast to talk about keeping everything in tact and in the service of the story, leaving white space in the writing, and thinking of books sonically.


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Alexis Frederick-Frost (@afrederickfrost), contributing cartoonist to Gryphons Aren't So Great, the newest story in the Adventures in Cartooning series, stops by the podcast to talk about bonding over ping pong, how it takes a stronger writer to write a shorter story, and empowering kids to tell their stories through simple pictures.

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Sophy Henn (@sophyhenn), author illustrator of Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps, and Where Bear?, stops by the podcast to talk about instinctive writing, letting the characters tell you the story, and those days you get up and it's just wrong.

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Adam Rubin (@Rubingo), New York Times bestselling author of Dragons Love TacosThose Darn Squirrels, and most recently of Robo-Sauce, all illustrated by Daniel Salmieri (@DanielSalmieri), stops by the podcast to talk about writing what you like, feelings of being a person in a position of authority doomed to screw stuff up. and how this is definitely not a presentation about monkeys.


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Sigmund Brouwer (@BrouwerSigmund), author most recently of Unleashed, published by Orca Book publishers (@orcabook) and one of three books in the Retribution trilogy, stops by the podcast to talk about great stories connecting like great songs, lettering the story dictate the characters, and how a book is just a delivery system for stories.


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Ginee Seo, children's publishing director at Chronicle Books (@ChronicleBooks, @ChronicleKids), stops by the podcast to talk about constant magic around every corner, missing train stops on account of reading, and making books that matter.


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