All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast

Kristen Kittscher (@KKittscher), author of The Tiara on the Terrace, stops by the podcast to talk about creating a surreal world perfectionism gone awry, and how nothing that anyone writes is void of self.


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Penny Parker Klostermann (@pklostermann), author of There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight, illustrated by Ben Mantle (@BenMMantle) stops by the podcast to talk about writing books about things being eaten, finding online writing challenges, and not letting the rhyme rule the book.


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Carson Ellis (@cfellis), author illustrator of Home, stops by the podcast to talk about making something more than an art book, starting with what she likes to draw, and creating a story she's been thinking her whole life.


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Lori Degman (@LoriDegman), author of Cock-a-Doodle Oops!, stops by the podcast to talk about a rooster who needs a vacation, the way books should read like music, and liking to make people laugh. 


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Ben Claton (@Clantoons), author illustrator of Something Extraordinary, stops by the podcast to talk about the feel of traditional medium, crafting good re-read alouds, and a question about the color orange. 


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Brightly co-founder Christine McNamara (@ReadBrightly) stops by the podcast to talk about making books part of what people are doing rather than taking away from anything else.


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Zack Giallongo (@Zackules), cartoonist of Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Romeo & Juliet, stops by the podcast to talk about snowmen versus talking rocks, contributing to the Ewoks mythology, and the Galaxy of Super Adventure! 


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Michael Arndt (@animalopoeia), author of Cat Says Meow, stops by the podcast to talk about starting with a circle and some nondescript blobs, letting the letters create an animal, and the fact that letters are just shapes.


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Gus Gordon (@IllustratorGus), author of Herman and Rosie, stops by the podcast to talk about ideas starting at the sketch stage, drawings that ask lots of questions, and two characters that need to find one another.


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Ellen Fischer, author of If an Elephant Went to School, stops by the podcast to talk about getting into a good writing group, editing to make a story stronger, and asking "what if?"

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Kris Remenar (@RemenarReads) and Matt Faulkner (@MattFaulkner1), author and illustrator of Groundhog's Dilemma, stop by the podcast to talk about treating the process like a business partnership, a writer who can write to the child in us all, and how the best revenge is living well.


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