All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast

Faith Erin Hicks (@FaithErinHicks), author/cartoonist of The Nameless City, stops by the podcast to talk about drawing like a kid, unstable ground, and putting the readers in the shoes of the characters.

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Steve Light (@SteveLight), author illustrator of Swap!, stops by the podcast to talk about the greatest joy, using items in unconventional ways, and feeding clues to the reader by way of a monkey.

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Karen Rivers (@karenrivers), author of The Girl in the Well is Me, stops by the podcast to talk about casual cruelty, feeling anxiety start at an early age, and her metaphor for popularity.

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Philip C. Stead, author illustrator most recently of Ideas Are All Around, stops by the podcast to talk about how he views inspiration, accidental bungling grace, and the beauty in the way polaroids look just a little bit off.

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Tony Cliff (@TangoCharlie), cartoonist behind Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling, the newest book in the Delilah Dirk graphic novel series, stops by the podcast to talk about controlling the flow of the story, starting small, and comics being a good solution to a problem that film couldn't accomplish.

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Aaron Reynolds (@areynoldsbooks) and Sara Varon (@saravaron1), author and illustrator respectively of President Squid, stop by the podcast to talk about taking inspiration from a 5-year-old, the importance of having confidence in your brand when you're a squid, and main characters committed to putting in 110%.

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