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Booki Vivat (@thebookiv), debut author illustrator of Frazzled: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom, stops by the podcast to talk about doodles taking over the pages of her planner, being the kind of kid who is always freaking out, and trying to figure out who you are and where you belong.

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Jack and Holman Wang (@JackandHolman), creators of the Cozy Classics series (@CozyClassics), stop by the podcast to talk about eliminating sub plots, thinking about sound in storytelling, and the "illustrate-ability" of a word.

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Philip C. Stead, author illustrator of Samson in the Snow, stops by the podcast to talk about being a natural worrier, using various materials to express the whole rainbow of what snow can be, and what time means to a creative person.

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Molly Bang, author and illustrator of Picture This: How Pictures Work, celebrating it's 25th anniversary with a revised and expanded version from Chronicle Books, stops by the podcast to talk about the darkest and brightest and warmest and softest of our feelings.

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Denis Markell (@DenisMarkell), author of Click Here to Start, stops by the podcast to talk about setting a mystical adventure in a mundane space, making the kid characters feel real, and the notion that just because you haven't found the solution doesn't mean that there isn't one (you just have to keep trying). 

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