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Elana K. Arnold (@ElanaKArnold) and Charles Santoso (@minitreehouse), author and illustrator, respectively, of A Boy Called Bat, stop by the podcast to talk about respecting the people whose lives you borrow from, feeling like autism is always in the foreground when talking about neurodiversity, and creating a book with a whole lot of heart.

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Laura Amy Schlitz, author of Newbery medal-winning Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!, shares Princess Cora and the Crocodile, her new early chapter book illustrated by Brian Floca.

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Christopher Browne (@loyaldogmarlo), author illustrator of Marlo, stops by the podcast to talk about his tribute to the imagination, creating worlds beyond the page, and how creating a webcomic helped to hold himself to deadlines.

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Anna Kang (@annakang27) and Christopher Weyant (@chrisweyant05), author and illustrator of I Am (Not) Scared, stop by the podcast to talk about creating safe places to talk to children about their emotions, letting thoughts and feelings out, and how not all fears are scary for the same people.

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Giuseppe Castellano (@pinocastellano), executive art director at Penguin Random House and founder of the Illustration Department (@illusdept), stops by the podcast to answer publishing and illustration questions submitted by our listeners.

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Peter H. Reynolds (@peterhreynolds), author illustrator of The DotIsh, and, most recently, of Happy Dreamer, stops by the podcast to talk about being a very distracted kid, the power we all possess to make things better, and the idea that technology isn't as cool as innovative thinking.

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Jon Chad (@jon_chad), cartoonist behind Volcanoes, the newest in First Second's Science Comics series, stops by the podcast to talk about his underlying love of science, looking for narrative beats, and the emotion you get from Darth Vader just from his slight tip of the helmet.

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David Jacobson and Toshikado Hajiri, author and illustrator of Are You An Echo?: The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko, stop by the podcast to talk about the life and works of Misuzu, her sense of vulnerability in her poems, and the universal nature of her words, written 100 years ago.

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David Wiesner and Donna Jo Napoli, illustrator and author of Fish Girl, stop by the podcast to talk about understanding things in your own way, trusting that the words will elicit the art, and an idea of a story about a house full of water.

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Alessandra Balzer (@ABBalzer), co-publisher of Balzer + Bray, stops by the podcast to talk about work as an editor, a publisher, and a person who passionately loves children's books.

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Audrey Vernick (@yourbuffalo), Liz Garton Scanlon (@LGartonScanlon), and Matthew Cordell (@cordellmatthew), authors and illustrator of Bob, Not Bob!, all stop by the podcast to talk about one disgusting cold.

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