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Jabari Asim (@jabariasim), author of Preaching to the Chickens, stops by the podcast to talk about envisioning a life in letters, the moment when you know what you are going to become, life's presences of a gentle, guiding hand.

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Jason Chin (@authorjasonchin), author and illustrator of Grand Canyon, stops by the podcast to talk about windows to the past, following the signs, and designing a book to be a reflect of the way you learn when you research.

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Tim Miller (@TM_Illustration), Donna Bray (@DJBray), and Dana Fritts stop by the podcast to talk about Moo Moo in a Tutu from idea to finished book. Moo Moo in a Tutu is Tim Miller's debut picture book as both author and illustrator. Donna Bray edited the book and is co-publisher at Balzer + Bray. Dana Fritts, associate art director at HarperCollins, was the art director on the book.

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Laura Shovan (@LauraShovan), author and poet of The Last 5th Grade of Emerson Elementary, stops by the podcast to talk about classrooms as small communities, tuning an ear to what's working well, and her mission to get poems taught in every school.

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Joseph Kuefler (@josephkuefler), author illustrator of Rulers of the Playground, stops by the podcast to talk about enjoying the wonder, playground politics, and a complete willingness to grow.

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Silvia Borando, graphic designer on the MiniBombo (@minibombo) team, stops by the podcast to talk about a book as an open experience, witnessing different interpretations of a single book, and storytelling through graphic communication.

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Nikki Grimes (@nikkigrimes9), author and poet of Garvey's Choice and One Last Word: Wisdom From the Harlem Renaissance, stops by the podcast to talk about putting story first, giving herself a challenge, and the universal experience of not being seen. 

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Ryan T. Higgins (@RyanT_Higgins), author illustrator most recently of Be Quiet!, stops by the podcast to talk about a grumpy bear,  some gosling offspring, and a mouse who just wants some peace and quiet in order to share his wordless picture book.

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Debbie Levy (@debbielevybooks) and Gilbert Ford (@gilbertford), respective author and illustrator of Soldier Song: A True Story of the Civil War, talk about bringing to life a story a different views, warring sides, and a song that brought the soldiers together.

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PJ Lynch (@PJLynchArt), illustrator most recently of Patrick and the President, stops by the podcast to talk about getting the work right, painting the town for an important visit, and the 50th anniversary since JFK's landmark trip to Wexford, Ireland.

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