All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast

Corinna Luyken (@CorinnaLuyken), debut picture book author illustrator of The Book of Mistakes, stops by the podcast to talk about loving the strangeness, paying attention, and laying bare some real mistakes.

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Shana Corey (@shanacorey) and R. Gregory Christie, author and illustrator of A Time To Act: John F. Kennedy's Big Speech, stop by the podcast to talk about an obsession over primary documents, making the choice to listen to wisdom, and the difference between painting from the outside in or the inside out.

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Basak Agaoglu (@BasakAgaoglu), author illustrator of The Almost Impossible Thing, stops by the podcast to talk about collaborating with the reader, putting yourself out there, and thinking like a bronze medal winner.

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Chris Van Dusen, author illustrator most recently of Hattie & Hudson, stops by the podcast to talk about a lake in Maine, accidents happening their way to beauty, and seeing the struggle in the art.

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Katrina Goldsaito (@inlovethere) and Julia Kuo (@juliaskuo), author and illustrator of The Sound of Silence, stop by the podcast to talk about time stretching out, a complex, layered idea, and the color of vintage toys.

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Jason Bays (@MrJBays), author and cartoonist of The Adventures of Kung Fu Robot: How to Make a Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Kung Fu Sandwich, stops by the podcast to talk about intensifying the story, designing an organic app, and writing without a safety net.

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