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Andrea J. Loney (@AndreaJLoney), author of BunnyBear and Take a Picture of Me, James Van Der Zee!, stops by the podcast to talk about understanding and appreciating yourself, the extra layer of beauty, and how it's all about the dance.

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Jane Yolen (@JaneYolen), author of On Duck Pond and over 350 books for children, stops by the podcast to talk about the rhythm in the words, being engaged with the world.

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David A. Robertson (@DaveAlexRoberts), author of When We Were Alone, stops by the podcast to talk about the inquisitiveness of a grandchild, channelling the stories of others while writing, and making intergenerational connections.

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Laurel Snyder (@LaurelSnyder) and Emily Hughes (@plaidemily), author and illustrator of Charlie & Mouse, stop by the podcast to talk about focusing on the quiet, working from muscle memory, and how truth and facts are different.

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Teagan White (@teaganwhite), author illustrator of the Barefoot Critters series, stops by the podcast to talk about thinking of the text as an image, working in limitations, and adding practical elements to the story and illustrations. 

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Isabel Minhós Martins and Bernardo P. Carvalho, author and illustrator of Don't Cross The Line!, stop by the podcast to talk about exploring the frontier of a book, asking if we should always obey, and inviting the reader to participate in the storytelling.

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Margarita Engle and Rafael Lopez, poet and illustrator of Bravo!: Poems About Amazing Hispanics, stop by the podcast to talk about capturing the spirit of a person through poem and portrait, creating a first person-voiced time travel experience for children, and seeking to show the emotional essence of the individual.

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