All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast

Laurie Berkner (@LaurieBerkner), children's singer songwriter and author of Pillowland, stops by the podcast to talk about giving as much freedom as possible to concert attendees, exponential expansion, and one of the most wonderful things about preschool.

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Monique Gray Smith (@ltldrum), author of Speaking Our Truth and You Hold Me Up, stops by the podcast to talk about moral courage, living with what you learn, and the gift of the wind.

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Michael Mahin (@MahinWriter) and Evan Turk (@evanturkart), author and illustrator respectively of Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters, stop by the podcast to talk about stumbling through life, hearing the blues in the place it was born, and the structure and motifs overlayed by improvisation.

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Susan Middleton Elya (@susanpolkadot) and Juana Martinez-Neal (@juanamartinez), author and illustrator respectively of La Princesa and the Pea, stop by the podcast to talk about wanting the character in their story to be everybody/anybody.

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Victoria Jamieson (@JamiesonV), cartoonist of All's Faire in Middle School, stops by the podcast to talk about childhood nuances, bringing things to a low point, and just wanting to fit in.

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John Rocco (@johnroccoart), illustrator of Big Machines: The Story of Virginia Lee Burton, stops by the podcast to talk about the responsibility to create a promise, projecting yourself onto the cover, and how a good book for you is good for a reason.

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Ruth Spiro (@RuthSpiro) and Irene Chan, author and illustrator respectively of the Baby Loves... board book series, stop by the podcast to talk about science topics relating to baby's world, inspiration at Jane Yolen's picture book boot camp, and making science accessible for small children.

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Rebecca Green, debut author illustrator of How To Make Friends with a Ghost, stops by the podcast to talk about world building, finding greys you really love, and tying the book together.

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Katey Howes (@Kateywrites), author of Grandmother Thorn, stops by the podcast to talk about letting go of things you fear, feeling lucky as a picture book author, and the balance between order and chaos.

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