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Hosted by Matthew Winner, elementary school librarian and co-founder of All The Wonders. The Children's Book Podcast features insightful and sincere interviews with authors, illustrators, and everyone involved in taking a book from drawing board to bookshelf. 

Dec 10, 2019

Gilly Segal (@really_gilly) shares I’M NOT DYING WITH YOU TONIGHT. This episode was recorded live at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland as part of the Baltimore Book Festival. Kimberly Jones, Gilly’s co-author, had to cancel at the last minute and was sorely missed in this conversation. I’M NOT DYING WITH YOU TONIGHT is a YA novel told in two voices about two high school students, Lena and Campbell, who are forced to flee their school football game when a fight breaks out and a student is shot. Their path home sends them downtown through a coalescing riot akin to that of the 2015 riots in Baltimore in response to the death of Freddie Gray. It’s a powerful and compelling novel that confronts racism and racial bias, all the while exploring what it looks like to be a survivor.

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