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Hosted by Matthew Winner, elementary school librarian and co-founder of All The Wonders. The Children's Book Podcast features insightful and sincere interviews with authors, illustrators, and everyone involved in taking a book from drawing board to bookshelf. 

Oct 23, 2018

Lily Williams (@lwbean) is the author illustrator of IF POLAR BEARS DISAPPEARED and IF SHARKS DISAPPEARED and Emily Feinberg (@EmilyFeinberg) is the children’s book editor at Roaring Brook Press. Lily's powerful and engaging approach to big ecological topics invites readers to investigate the food chain, our changing climate, and other ways we are affecting our planet and, in turn, our planet is affecting all of us. Emily’s relation to Lily’s work, her hand in forming these books, is something I found especially gratifying. I also really loved that Emily said about Lily, "She's the only person that can make dead fish look cute." This conversation has everything to do with love and trust and truth. You can access even more information about this book and its author illustrator by visiting