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Hosted by Matthew Winner, elementary school librarian and co-founder of All The Wonders. The Children's Book Podcast features insightful and sincere interviews with authors, illustrators, and everyone involved in taking a book from drawing board to bookshelf. 

May 11, 2019

Nic Stone (@getnicced) shares ODD ONE OUT, a young adult novel whose story centers on the dynamic between three friends: Courtney “Coop” Cooper, Jupiter “Jupe” Charity Sanchez, and Rae Chin. Their friendships to one another are complex, at times fragile, at times exciting, and always growing and expanding outward. ODD ONE OUT breaks the love triangle archetype to offer something more real, more vulnerable. And I latched so closely onto one of the character’s experiences in the story that I ended up learning a bit about myself as well. And aren’t those the best kinds of reading experiences? You can access even more information about this book and its author and illustrator by visiting

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