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Hosted by Matthew Winner, elementary school librarian and co-founder of All The Wonders. The Children's Book Podcast features insightful and sincere interviews with authors, illustrators, and everyone involved in taking a book from drawing board to bookshelf. 

Jan 4, 2020

Rajani LaRocca (@rajanilarocca) shares MIDSUMMER’S MAYHEM. Mimi, the main character in Rajani’s middle grade debut, enters a baking competition at her town’s newest sweet spot, but things aren’t quite as they appear. The baked goods they sell are awful and overpriced, the employees seem to be speaking exclusively in rhyme, and crowds of locals are inexplicably showing up in droves for the bakery’s latest confections. Mimi’s dad is a food writer and has just returned from a trip abroad, but he won’t be any help to her because he’s not acting himself, though Mimi seems to be the only one to notice. Has he completely lost his sense of taste? It’s not long before everyone around her is just acting… off, but Mimi is determined to let nothing distract her from creating the most inventive and memorable treats this bakery has ever known. I’ve been waiting a long while to read this book and it’s just so good, there’s no way I could resist kicking off the new year with a read so sweet!

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