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Hosted by Matthew Winner, elementary school librarian and co-founder of All The Wonders. The Children's Book Podcast features insightful and sincere interviews with authors, illustrators, and everyone involved in taking a book from drawing board to bookshelf. 

Jun 6, 2018

Rob Sanders (@RobSandersWrite) recently published his first nonfiction picture book, entitled PRIDE: THE STORY OF HARVEY MILK AND THE RAINBOW FLAG. Rob shares that this book is "just like any other book about equality", and he's not wrong, but I think the strongest quality of this book, thanks both to Rob's words and Steven Salerno's art, is that PRIDE saves space for the reader to ask questions, to study the book and the people depicted in it to see the familiar faces in all of our lives, and for the reader to understand that "gay" is not a word spoken out of hatred, but one spoken out of love and pride. As Rob shares, what started out as a book of celebration quickly revealed itself as a book of necessity. You can access even more information about this book and its author illustrator by visiting